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The Poplar Island Home

1005 N. Poplar, Avenue

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The homes in this neighborhood were constructed sometime in the l930s. This “island” is unique because local architects were asked to design two houses on the street. If you walk up and down Poplar, you can pick out some of the matching homes. This three bedroom, I ½ bath house is 1,950 square feet. It is Tudor revival with stucco walls and a metal roof. The homeowner has lived in the house for six years and has added his own “bachelor pad” touches to it. The “leaded glass” windows were added to save energy but the crank latches are those found in homes of this vintage.

Living Room

The large living room is typical of a house of this era. The wall are lathe and plaster and the floors are oak. The ceilings are low and coved. The oak fireplace is not original to the home but is consistent with what would be seen in a home at this time. The painting was discovered at a yard sale by the homeowner who chose it as a contrast to the muted colors of the room.

Dining Room

The dining room is filled with photos the homeowner has collected—most of them black and white. The large photo is of New York City, specifically the area surrounding the FlatIron Building, around the same time as the house was built. The chandelier was chosen for its multiple lights which reflect off the walls and ceilings in the evening light.

Bedroom 1

This room is used as a guest bedroom. Probably its most notable feature is the elevated, deep closet. This closet, like the one in the master bedroom, is also lined in oak veneer. The wall are lathe and plaster and the floors are oak.


The bathroom was renovated by the previous homeowner and has a spacious shower as well as a bathtub.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom looks out over the back yard. The closet in this room, like the one in the guest room, are elevated. But they are even deeper than the other and have enough room for shelving in the back. This room is also lathe and plaster and has oak floors.

Spare Room

This room is used as an exercise room for the homeowner. Recently it was home to a mother and her kitten so it serves numerous purposes.


The kitchen has been renovated using the old cabinets as a guide for the newer cabinetry. The drawers in the cabinets are deep and provide ample space for storage. The owner has used Art Deco as a model for the kitchen design as well.

Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook overlooks the front yard garden. The shape of the nook was typical in this era. One unique feature is the pulldown ironing board that allowed the woman of the house an opportunity to iron while making a meal.